01-15-09 - Urg

The Netflix Plug-In for MediaPortal has been torpedoed . WTF. Apparently Netflix is switching all Watch Now users to Silverlight. I guess a Silverlight install gives you a gauranteed VC-1 streamer which is pretty good and avoids the codec disasters of normal Windows media playing, which leads us to : Silverlight works - Netflix lays off employees .

Also, state liquor stores suck. Obviously the state likes it because they make money on it, but they could make more money with just a liquor tax and an open market, and it would be much better for the consumer. The state should not be involved in running retail stores. In fact, it occurs to me that there must be some corrupt distributor who's really the only person profiting from this arrangement; the prices for scotch in the Washington Liquor store are outrageous - they're basically full retail price ; wtf nobody buys anything at retail price in the real world.

Anyway, I picked up a bottle of the Macallan Cask Strength 15. Everything was >= $50 so I figured with the cask strength I can drink less and get a better deal. Freaking Famous Grouse was $50; I used to get it at TJ's in CA for $25; it's a great blended scotch for $25, but for $50 the only person it's pleasing is the corrupt distributor.

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