01-14-09 - Random Thoughts

If you go through life with the attitude that other people are fuckers and retards, you will be inevitably driven to the conclusion that you are also a fucker and retard, and be unhappy. If you go through life believing that other people are basically good and have things to offer, then you will be happy. Nonetheless, I cannot give up the conclusion that most people are fuckers and retards.

When I see a left turn signal on the car in front of me, that is a signal for me to abruptly change lanes into the right lane without looking, lest I be trapped behind him.

As I mentioned with TV, the ease of getting specific programs on demand spoils a lot of the fun. The same has happened with video games, they're so much easier now and give more instant gratification, it really reduces your level of attachment and the feeling of satisfaction. Still, given the choice, noone would ever choose the harder way.

It's depressing to me how many hot young girls are in porn these days. You think I would be happy about it, but I'm not. Let's do some numbers : I estimate around 100,000 new girls do porn every year. I know that seems high but I think it might actually be an underestimate if you think about the massive amount of obscure B-grade specialized porn that normal people like me aren't even really aware of. Most of those girls are in the LA area. The greater LA area has around 10 M people in it. Half are girls, so 5 M. Many of those are obviously too old or too young, so let's guess 1 M girls around the right age. Only about 1 in 10 girls is hot enough to do porn. That means 100% of girls of the right age and hotness in the LA area are in porn. 100%.

I work myself too hard and get quite stressed. People ask, "why do you get all stressed? you're working alone at your own pace, you should be chilling!?" Stress comes from the annoying managers and producers and all those jerks, right? Hello, I have to work with *me* ! I am incredibly stressful to work with, if you had to work with me you would be stressed.

If Stefan doesn't win this Top Chef I'm going to be very upset. It especially upsets me that I care.

Men who don't masturbate are dangerous psychopaths.


Dan S. said...

I feel like Stefan should be the class of this year's crop, but then I look at his actual results and they don't back it up. This year feels a little lame in general - I don't get the feeling that anyone here would finish higher than fourth in the previous couple of seasons.

Tom Forsyth said...

"Men who don't masturbate are dangerous psychopaths."

...and will get prostate cancer: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn3942

AK said...

You masturbate and you're *still* a dangerous psychopath!

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