01-14-09 - Go Away

Go away Apple Software Update Mother Fuckers .

The next time I have to fill in my name and email to post on some fucking blog I'm just not gonna post. Curse you Wordpress, you don't deserve my thoughts. Remember my freaking info!

I've been buying lots of junk for the house to try to make myself happy. I hate when people whine about things and don't take action so I've been trying to take action about everything. I've bought - a couch, blackout drapes, massagey seat, light box, air filters, new blanket, shower head, toilet seat, butcher block, window insulation, computer desk, winter/water clothes, and probably some other things I'm not remembering. I can't say that any of it has made much of a difference. I mean all of this slightly higher comfort level does nothing for happiness really. I think I'd rather have my $5000 back.

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