01-13-09 - Sad

One idea I had was to search for sports news about shoulder injuries and see what doctor they mention in the articles. While doing that search I found this lovely bit of cheer :

But if pitchers with torn labrums were horses, they'd be destroyed

We can't rebuild them. Dr. Anthony Tropiano, a top baseball arm doc, says the best available treatment option today is to do nothing. "We call it conservative treatment," he says, "but that's just a euphemism for a little rehab and a lot of prayer."

I'm like Garfield Minus Garfield .

I wish I was more like Dick Proenekke .

Peep Show is painful and amazing. Alissa made some comment once about how it's not very realistic, the guys are just too big of losers - real guys aren't really like that, are they? Um, yeah they are, they pretty much hit the two male extremes directly on the head. (I guess they're missing the retarded cocky swinger douchebag type, but if you count Johnson that's covered too). I don't think girls can ever appreciate just how hillarious and perfect Peep Show is; the little sad offhand comments they make to themselves hit that "oh dear god it's just like me" comedy value. I especially love the subtle way that Mark (Mitchell) will say something really pathetic to himself but with that slight inflection in the voice that indicates its really what he wants but isn't willing to fully admit it even to himself. Anyhoo, Season 5 is now available via torrents so go get it.

New BBC I've just got into :

Black Books - mmm it's a little bit broad for my taste (definitely reminds me a bit of the "Are You Being Served" style of British comedy), but not bad, definitely watchable, I've seen 3 episodes so far and will stick with it. The bit where the one guy absorbs the Book of Calm and becomes like jesus was pretty damn good (though rather similar to the Simpsons where Homer becomes like god). ADDENDUM : meh, I take back all the negatives, it's quite charming; I especially appreciate it while guzzling cheap wine.

The Mighty Boosh - pretty hammy and sometimes misses the mark (the whole Zoo owner character does nothing for me), but the two main guys are pretty good (particularly Julian Barratt as Howard Moon). The first episode with the Kangaroo Boxing was fucking gold, it literally had me screaming with laughter, the whole training sequences is money. The next two episodes have been kind of meh. I like the whole surrealism and muppet-show-esque style, but the song and dance numbers are pretty weak and Fringe-Festival-esque in a bad way.

Nathan Barley - mmm, I get that they're spoofing someone that's annoying, but it's still just annoying. It sort of reminds me of SNL-style humor, like "god look at how loud and annoying and awful these characters are!" ; umm, yes, but that's just loud and awful and annoying.

BTW I have noticed that downloading seasons of TV and watching them at my leisure does sort of ruin the magic of TV. In the old days, you had this crap-box that spewed out nonsense and filth, and once in a rare while you could turn to something that was surprising and actually really great. It was exciting. You would wait for your favorite show to be on at a specific time, or you might have the joy of flipping around and stumbling on something great. Now you just queue up what you want and play it. It kills the joy of the hunt, the surprise, and in the end the actual content isn't strong enough to carry itself. Also when you have the full season it's tempting to sit and watch one after another, but most TV shows just lose their impact when you get used to them, because they're very repetitive - they're much better if you only watch one episode and then wait a week to watch the next.

This is my TV "todo" list :

The Storyteller
Getaway in Stockholm
Boston Legal
West Wing
Larry Sanders
Band of Brothers
Foyle's War
Berlin Aleksanderplatz


Michael said...

I've seen some of those, plus more that you didn't list. You should downgrade Boston Legal, I think it's occasionally entertaining show that would suffer badly viewed serially.

Sam said...

Yeah I agree with that comment about ruining the magic of TV. At work everyone is always sending around the latest shows from the U.S. (I'm in Australia) and clamoring for the latest downloads (did anyone get the new Scrubs, did anyone get this, that, or the other etc etc) and it does ruin it a bit.

Oh man Peep Show is so cringeworthy but so excellent. I find it more cringeworthy than The Office. Carnivale was really good, but for some reason I didn't finish watching it! I should go back to that. It reminds me of Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

I haven't gotten into Deadwood but I hear it too is very good.

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