01-12-09 - LCD Monitors and Such

I've got a Samsung SyncMaster 2443BW at work. It's much brighter and higher contrast than the Dell 2405 I have at home. More importantly for me - it autoadjusts *way* faster and stays in adjustment much better (this is autoadjustment to an analog VGA source which I know is not that interesting to anyone but me any more). The Dell takes a long time to autoadjust, and it falls out of sync pretty quickly, even after a few hours of use the edges will get shimmery and I have to do it again. This actually is more significant than you might think, because when doing D3D and going fullscreen to different modes, it causes an autoadjust each time, which is just excruciating on the Dell but not bad on the Samsung.

I'm a bit disappointed in the Dell 30" at work ; I thought it was the creme de la creme of monitors, but the brightness & contrast are not very good and it also has a horrible squeal when you turn it up to full brightness. I did some searching on the internet and apparently this is a semi-common problem with LCD's in the power converter. Various models of LCD seem to have squeals at different brightness levels; supposedly some will squeal in mid ranges of brightness. I do tend to drive my monitors at higher brightness than usual, because I like my office to be super brightly lit.

In other consumer review news, I bought one of those $200 "sun frequency" flourescent lights that are supposed to be good for "SAD" (the winter weather sucks syndrome). Holy crap is it a piece of shit. It's basically a $10 standard flourest bulb stuck in a cheap plastic case. Those guys must be rolling in profits.

It's retarded that windows doesn't cache network dir listings. I'm using Hamachi to get to my home music collection from work, which is mostly fine, but the root music dir has like 5000 folders in it. It takes a good 60 seconds or so to get the dir listing. That's fine as long I remember to never double-click on a folder to browse into it, because if I do I lose the whole fucking listing of the big parent dir. They could easily store some kind of recent communication cache and do a simple ACK thing where my side says "hey you sent me this at time X can I just use what you sent before?" and the music server would go "yep, it's the same" and my side goes "cool bra".

In other music retardedness, WinAmp (and most music players) only have two options : 1. Read all song info at the time the songs are added to playlist, or 2. Read song info when it's played. BOTH of these are fucking retarded. If you choose #1 it makes song additions stall out horribly over a slow network. If you choose #2 it's even worse - song adding is now fast, but when you play through a playlist it ruins continuity and does a hard chunk when it switches songs. Of course the right answer is obvious - start reading song info when you add to playlist, but do it on a low priority background thread so it doesn't cause any hitches.

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