01-09-09 - Dump

My left shoulder is fucked up; I'm not sure what re-aggravated it, but it's very painful inside, and I can't put any pressure on it. (I can't lie on my left side any more when I sleep, which means I pretty much have to lie on my right side all night, which is pretty rough). I'm pretty sure I tore my labrum in my left shoulder last year, and of course the right side has never healed right from my old bike crash. SIGH. I really need to work out. I need sun and running around and sweating and muscles and sex and dancing and booze and cooking and nature.

So I'm thinking about going back to a doctor, but I dunno I have almost zero hope that they'll actually do anything good. I think I could maybe use some arthroscopic surgery to shave off scar tissue in the shoulder sockets or something like that, but I have no confidence in any doctor and no way to look up their performance records. If I could spend some amount of money and be reasonably sure something would be done, I would gladly do it, but I hate the idea of spending a fortune on more MRI's and getting nothing out of it.

I'm really bothered by the whole pay model of contractors, doctors, mechanics, etc. Basically the *worse* job they do, the more you pay, because you have to keep going back, or they have to take a long time. Somebody who just gets the job done quickly the right way gets paid the least. That's fucked. The pay should be based on the *results*. They should have to give you an estimate for the results you want, and then if there are complications that's too bad for them, they have to deal with it and do whatever is necessary to get it done.

I started looking at the Orthopedic Surgeons around Seattle, but FUCK they just give you zero information. As a consumer trying to find a good doctor I have no resources. I don't want somebody who works with old people to just give them back basic function, I want someone who's a world expert on shoulders, and who works with athletes to restore them to 100% function. I don't want someone who will manage the problem, but someone who will fix it.

Anagram Hall of Fame ; some gold in there. Anagrams for me :

Balms Cool Her  (meh)

Lab Color Mesh  (a decent summary of my life's work)

Blah Colors Me  (my personality)

Local Hombres   (meh)

Balls Moocher   (yep)

Call Bro Homes  (advice for New Yorkers moving to East LA)

lots of Google features they keep secret ; most of these are just Calculator and not interesting, but stuff like flight status is a custom feature that's almost like an "easter egg" this shit is so secret.

Glenn Marshall has some okay semi-algorithmically generated videos . SubBlue has some cool generated images.

Cool animations of sorting algorithms also : H.W. Lang 's sort pages have much better algorithm descriptions and also cool visualization applets at the bottom of each page. Though you should ignore the text in both of these and just look at the pictures. And just use "Introsort" becuase it's so fucking bad ass.

Neave Strobe - "...like dropping acid, but not".

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