01-06-09 - Poker Blue Balls

ZOMG ZOMG I'm so excited for this :

Ivey accepts Durrr Challenge (article)
Tuesdays with Ivey (podcast)

Durrr is the biggest online winner ever, a young kid, 2+2er, phenom. He plays nosebleed hold'em and PLO, mainly short-handed; he plays Ivey and Antonius and such all the time, and they weren't giving him as much action as he wanted, so he challenged them to play 50k hands, with a sidebet of $1.5 million : $0.5 million to encourage them to play. That's so insanely bad ass. BTW Durrr is a freak and a very weird dude.

ADDENDUM : Antonius accepts too .

From what I can tell, Antonius plays a pretty standard TAG style, mixes up his ranges, is very good, and is very aggressive and not afraid.

Ivey plays tighter than many of the high stakes regs; when he gets in big pots he seems to be either bluffing wisely or have the goods. He does do some slightly weird things that almost noone else does, like he almost doesn't seem to play by "ranges" at all, at times it seems like he's playing no-look poker.

Durrrr is one of the weirdest good poker players I've ever seen. He plays super super LAG , his image is just nutty. He plays more big pots than anyone (except people who are just clearly nuts like Ziig). He can bluff huge in almost any spot, he can bet huge for value in any spot - even with super weak hands like a pair of 3's or ace high , and he can call down huge light with almost nothing.

Durrr's style freaks out a lot of people and they don't know how to play against it (god knows I wouldn't). A lot of people try to just "trap him" because he's "so nutty" , but the whole thing about Durrr is he hand reads well, so he knows when you have a hand that's trying to trap (so he doesn't bluff) and he knows when you are weak. He plays super weird in the early rounds - he can do things like limp the button preflop which normal people never do, he will often check three streets out of position, which is again very odd, but he plays really well on the river when the pot is big.

Durrr is like the epitome of something I wrote about long long ago re: poker -

If you are a better player, then you want to play lots of big pots all the time.  Say you have a 1% edge in each pot, your profit is
maximized by playing huge pots all the time.

(assuming you're betting roughly pot size all the time) - the early decisions are in small pots so not as important, the really
key decisions are in later streets when he pot is huge.

On early streets, you want to be jamming the pot as often as possible, because that builds the pot for later streets, and lets you
make a big decision in a larger pot, which means a bigger win for you.

In other news, I kind of want a Snuggie .

Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside.

I can't believe fucking MSI's still can't be run from substed drives, I have to copy them to c:. WTF

To build UFRaw you just need to install Cygwin and these packages :

    * gimp-dev (at least version 2.2)
    * gtk+-dev (at least version 2.6)
    * glib-dev
    * pango-dev
    * atk
    * gettext
    * libiconvi
    * liblcms (at least version 1.13)
    * libjpeg
    * libtiff
    * libpng
    * zlib
    * libbz2
    * exiv2 (at list version 0.11)
    * gtkimageview (at list version 1.3)

No problem!

I'm trying to get some basic RAW image support for my image tools. All I want is to be able to read & write some simple standard RAW format, and then I could use other tools to convert my camera's raws to the standard format. Ummm.... yeah...

So, there seems to be no actual standard RAW format. And the ones that do exist (like DNG, HD Photo, etc.) are all incredibly complicated. Many of the camera RAWs are based on TIFF which was a fucking retarded thing to do. TIFF is based on LZW which is like the worst compression algorithm ever. It sucks at compressing, it's complex to implement, and it runs very slow. Something like 16-bit PNG would have been totally fine.

ADDENDUM : BTW one of the retarded things about this is that if everyone just used a bitplane based embedded image format (like JPEG2000 or any other bitplane based wavelet) then all this HD bit depth nonsense would be a non-issue. Boom you just send more bits. The compression is also invariant under just scaling up all your values to more bits which is a good kind of invariance to have in an image format.

Also, I tried using Adobe's DNG Converter to convert the raw CR2's that Aaron sent to me. It seemed to work - except that on two of the images it just mysteriously produced zero byte output files. Yay.

There's no DNG WIC codec for Windows XP or Vista 64 !? WTF. DNG is supposed to be the most standard RAW format, and WIC is supposed to be the good new way to work with image formats, and yet the two do not meet (there is a free Adobe DNG WIC codec for Vista 32, and a commercial one from Ardfry for the other platforms).

Actually the whole WIC situation is a disaster; I'm finding it really hard to get a setup that can even use WIC's in Windows XP, much less develop code for them. (part of the problem is I'm stuck on Visual Studio .NET and the freaking new "Windows SDK" crashes if you try to install it without Vistual Studio 2008).

Most of the free raw code out there is based on dcraw which is a horrible UNIXy plain C monstrosity that has usage similar to the old "cjpeg" type of stuff.

dcraw also contains this gem :

Why don't you implement dcraw as a library?

I have decided that dcraw shall be a command-line program written in C,
and that any further abstraction layers must be added around this core,
not inside it.

Library code is ugly because it cannot use global variables. Libraries
are more difficult to modify, build, install, and test than standalone
programs, and so are inappropriate for file formats that change every

There's a simpler way to make dcraw modular and thread-safe: Run it as a
separate process. Eric Raymond explains this technique here. 

Aka "screw you guys, I gave you awesome free code, take it the way it is and quit your whining".


Dan S. said...

Holy crap durrrr vs Ivey is going to be epic.

You may be interested in this comprehensive discussion of Snuggies vs Slankets vs Nuddleblankets.

nothings said...

inappropriate for file formats that change every day

there's maybe sorta something of a point here.

levelofdetail said...

I was just about to rant about how the Snuggie is totally ripping off the Slanket, but now I have to go and examine what the hell a Nuddleblanket is.

AK said...

Snuggies look like Hare Krishna robes. Maybe it's time for you to buzz your hair again. Besides, Onesies are where it's at!

Dan S. said...

nothings - Ha ha, when I read the "screw you guys, I gave you awesome free code, take it the way it is and quit your whining" doc snippet, my first thought was that you had written it.

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