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We were chatting in the hall the other day about realtime radiosity and I got my facts mixed up a bit.

Geomerics are the UK guys who ranted oddly about differential forms a while ago. They make "Enlighten" which seems to be a precomputed light-transport system that creates a static 5d transport field of some kind on *static* geometry ; you can then move lights around in that field in real time and relight the surfaces. It's hard to tell what's actually going on. If you look at the demo video on Youtube the best looking part is the *direct* lighting shadows from the sun through that courtyard. They insist on constantly showing this character with a lantern and stuff like that which is just lighting through a texture, I don't get it.

Fantasy Lab is the company of Mike Bunnell who did the GPU disk surfel light transport thing. They were selling it as the "Radium SDK" but that appears to be completely off the market and they are now just making a game.

The other big one I wasn't really aware of before is Lightsprint . Their demo video is much better designed to show actual radiosity effects. It seems like Lightsprint is using the technique of Stepan Hrbek who runs the Realtime Radiosity News page. I can't find any information about the technique they're using.

It's seems obvious that some kind of semi-brute-force single-bounce realtime radiosity is quite practical on current/future hardware.

I made Anne Burrell's Tarte Tatin after watching her do it on TV this morning. It's a shame she has some awful screen presence, since she's actually a decent cook. The tart was not great. It's got way too much caramel for my taste, it was all sticky and way too sweet. I think if I do it again I'd use maybe half the sugar in the filling that she calls for. Dave Lieberman's Tarte Tatin looks better - 1/4 cup of sugar instead of 1 cup, big difference.

I only get the New York Times maybe 33% of Sundays. The other times I wake up all excited and then am just so disappointed that it's not there. I'm not sure if it's being stolen or just not delivered. Anyway, when you don't get it, you call in, and they refund you. Bullshit. A refund is not fair compensation for failure to deliver a service (plus the time waste and aggrevation of using their fucking customer support phone number). This reminds of when our flight was cancelled and Alaska so kindly offered us a refund. Oh, you completely fucked me and failed to offer the service you promised, and you are being kind enough to give me back my money !? WTF that is not even the *beginning* of making up for it. Of *course* you give me back my money, NOW start talking about what you're going to give me to make up for your failure. It's a huge advantage for a business to be able to just fail to deliver when they want and give you a refund.

"Noi the Albino" was quite beautiful. It's sadder than I expected from the liner, but that's fine. The mise en scene is just gorgeous, the warm interiors, all the profile shooting with wallpaper backgrounds, and the constant metaphor of the desolate icelandic cold.

"Lonesome Dove" was good. I mean, it's sort of awful in that it becomes a juvenile Heinlein-esque romp at times where the main characters are basically superheros and the Indians are supervillians, everything is a caricature, but still it's charming and hokey and a fun read. It also brought back the romance of the west for me. I've driven through the great dead plains of Texas many times, I used to joy ride in my car out east of Austin (and crashed it on a country road out there once); I drove the I-10 from Houston to LA many times, through the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, I drove old Route 66 for fun and came in through the 40 to Amarillo and Big Tex. I've driven the 80 through the plains of Nebraska and Wymoning where the wind blows fiercely and there are great wood-frame wind breaks near the freeway to catch refuse and tumbleweeds so they don't blow on the road. But I've never been to Yellowstone or Glacier or into Montana much. And besides, blowing past on the freeway is not the same. Lonesome Dove made me long to get a horse and a bedroll and just ride from Austin up to Montana. Most of that land is still barren empty plain. Of course it's all private now and there's fences and all, but it's still empty land and I bet you could get away with it. my Texas picture .

Stemless wine glasses are so retarded. Fucking trend-following design-style wannabees buying this shit.

I no longer Yelp since they closed my account because I wrote negative reviews (it's not in Yelp's interest to have honest factual reviews; they only allow sluts who write humorous junk (no, not you baby)). Anyway, I still find that I need to use it because it's the only site on the whole damn interweb that actually has semi-accurate information about retailers and restaurants locations and hours and such (though UrbanSpoon is getting better all the time so I might make the switch at some point). Now we all know that the reviews and ratings are largely nonsense, but you can get good information out of it. I wrote before about how to make productive use of Yelp in San Francisco. Sadly, Seattle has not really got on the internet bandwagon yet (lol, I know this sounds like a joke, but it's true; in SF literally every single person has their own web site, is starting a Web 2.0 company, uses Yelp, twitter, and a hundred other fucking web apps I've never heard of). That means there is no Uber-Reviewer yet in Seattle like Toro E in SF that you can just follow.


AK said...

You *wish* you were a slut who could write humorous junk! ;)

NeARAZ said...

Lightsprint *is* Stepan Hrbek, so yeah, most likely they are using the same technique. He has some old article here: http://dee.cz/rri/ (not many details in it though)

Tak said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment on the Geomerics Direct Lighting Shadows - cos I did them :o) They're not very clever just had lots of anal polish (...).

I no longer work for them, but its fair to say that the Geomerics solution is simpler than you'd imagine, and was designed to be a quick plug in solution to devs looking for realtime radiosity on static stuff. The dynamic stuff takes the realtime rad off the static solution, but i dont think its reflexive ie dynamic objects dont play with static *at the time i was there*.

I think the demos are "PR pretty primarily" but maybe more videos with a more specific technical direction would be good.

I enjoy reading your blog!


Tak said...

reflexive? I meant symmetric! stupid brain

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