01-01-09 - Running out of junk titles

For people who don't get Ignacio's blog, you must read : Watertight Texture Sampling . He's got a great survey of all the modern UV mapping literature. Texture map - 3d mesh surface correspondence is a very interesting topic and something I've always wanted to come back to. Maybe we'll do a RAD lightmapper one day and I'll get to do the UV mapping part.

The average person produces between one and four pints (about 0.5 to 1.9 liters) of gas per day, and passes the gas 14 to 23 times a day.

Whoah !? I thought I made more gas than average, but maybe I'm actually under average !? It's still a mystery to me when girls manage to squeeze it out.

The Netflix recommender is okay, but they use it in fucking retarded ways. Why do you keep showing me recommendations of movies I've already seen !? Fucking show me movies I *haven't* already seen in the "related" list. Also why the fuck are you putting movies that you don't even predict that I would like on my main page !? There are movies that they predict I will give 1-2 stars on the main page, why are you showing me that nonsense!? When I browse TV shows it keeps showing me fucking "That's So Raven" and "Hannah Montana" and whatnot. Also, the insane slowness of their fucking web based GUI for the Queue tilts me so bad it puts me close to smashing my monitor every time I look at it. It tilts me that the problems with their system are basically all stupid practical issues, not the actual difficult technology. Of course that's pretty much always the way of things...

Cheap Shit Condos is a whole page devoted to the revolting cheap tacky condos going up all over Seattle. I'm not sure who I hate more - the retards who buy this shit, the retards who build them, the retard home owners that let them go up in their neighborhood, or the whole fucking retarded city for not having building codes. Oh, I give up, I'll just hate everyone. These boxes are like an architectural "fuck you" to anyone who appreciates beauty or sanity or history or value.

The Vertigo is one of the many condos on that site that are right near our house. It's part of a trend here that really blows my mind, which is condo developers buying up some super ratty 70's apartment building from the really low bad times of Seattle, basically just putting a new coat of paint on it (usually with some "hip" "youthy" styling) and selling them for $300,000 as "luxury condominiums". Seriously !? Part of what makes this all so disgusting to me is that the Seattle neighborhoods have so much character in the old architecture and there seems to be zero respect for that.

To put a little cherry on this pile of shit - our neighborhood is also home to perhaps the best new construction condo complex I've ever seen. Over on Harvard Ave near Aloha is this big new multi-building complex that perfectly fits in with the brick / pseudo-Tudor style of the neighborhood.


AK said...

That's cuz girls don't fart!

Sam said...

Oh they squeeze it out alright:


I love the guy at the end with the "grrr!" fist!

Also apparently Mythbusters did this (I guess it was a humorous, unscreened episode).

Sly said...

Wow you Us guys must redefine the word "condo". For me "condo" means luxury apartment with swimming pool(s) and/or other such feature ; like:

Not such crappy old apartments.

cbloom said...

Funny I thought it clearly just meant "an apartment that's owned individually", but oddly the Google definition search finds something like your idea, also from Singapore :

# Apartments which include facilities such as a pool or tennis court

Sly said...

And the wiki would agree with you (at least until I updated it, adding a paragraph on Singapore):

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