12-17-08 - Manifesto

1. The State only listens to violence and destruction of property. Peaceful protest accomplishes nothing without the threat of action. (Supposed successful peaceful protesters like Ghandi or MLK were in fact empowered by the state's fear of violent civil unrest).

2. The State is primarily concerned with enriching and maintaining the wealth and power of the Elite. The State only changes when something threatens the Status Quo which benefits The Few.

3. The Rich are in collusion with The State. They have power over The State, they benefit from its actions. They are complicit in all acts of evil performed by The State.

4. It is the right of those being trampled upon to fight back with the means available to them. They may fight or protest to secure their ability to survive, or their freedom.

5. Theft and destruction of the property of The Rich is one of the valid ways for The Trampled to take action against The State.

6. The Rich earn the right to keep their posessions and power by making the system function well enough for the poor. If the poor become desperate enough to risk jail or injury, the rich have broken their obligation and the poor are morally justified in taking action.

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castano said...

Direct action gets the goods!

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