12-15-08 - Monday Randoms

I want Windows to always automatically change its resolution to the native display resolution of the LCD that I plug in. I just never ever want to run an LCD at anything but its natural resolution. Nobody should. It seems like this is an obvious standard feature everyone would want.

Insurance is by design minus EV. That doesn't mean it's by definition -EV. In fact, you can "win" by being reckless and driving like a lunatic or just crashing on purpose.

C is the fucking devil. I had this in my code :

static s_frameTimeAccumulator = 0.f;
s_frameTimeAccumulator += dt;

No warning. WTF. (You may notice there's a word missing after "static").


Arseny Kapoulkine said...

MSVC /W2 and up: warnings about float->int conversion
MSVC /W4 and gcc (default level): warnings about implicit int type

cbloom said...

Yeah yeah; it bothers me for one that that is even a warning and not an error.

Furthermore, now I have to track down who turned off my warnings. It's some header somewhere and I have go binary searching through a massive include tree. Ugh.

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