12-11-08 - Thursday Randoms

It's supposed to snow over this weekend in a rare freak cold snap. I'm fully expecting total chaos, like this . ADDENDUM : ZOMG WTF I just noticed that video is actually from Seattle (addendum : or not...) ; it's an internet classic, I had no idea it was actually here. LOL Seattle bad-driveaments.

I really want to boycott fucking asshole websites that make you register just to view their content (such as Beeradvocate or Gamasutra or etc etc.) but I usually cave in. To get back at them I usually give a fake name and a junk email address.

Which reminds me, I've started just randomly giving fake info to people. When some fucking bank or stock trader or whatever wants my date of birth for me to open an account, I just tell them a random wrong year close to the right one. You don't need my info, and it's a lot faster to just give them fake bogus info than to refuse. It's satisfying. Even just random times, like when some fucking retailer like Bed Bath or Radio Crap asks you for your zip code, don't bother refusing, just make something up.

Beeradvocate could be really sweet if it let you do a Collaborative Filter, but as is with just the grades, I find it near useless, because I very much disagree with the average rankings. It's biased towards what the beer snobs love, which is shit like the Russian Imperial Stouts and Strong Ales and other such weird foul nonsense that's generally way too high in alcohol and way too fruity and too carbonated. They all secretely love Barleywine and cider and wish they were making. Just make beer. Deschutes knows what I'm talking about. BTW "Dogfish Head" has never made a single good beer.

I hate the beers that sneak-attack drunk your ass (mainly aforementioned snob beers). Like I have two or maybe three and then I feel trashed and I'm like WTF ? And then I look at the bottle and it's like 12% ABV and I'm like "oh snap" I basically just drank a whole bottle of wine unintentionally. Curse you Mr. Sneak Attack Beer.

One of the big differences between me now and me when I was doing "research" is just the patience and ability to stick on one subject for a long time. Back then I would stick on something like arithmetic coding for *months* ; I would gather and read every single paper on the topic. Back then "Teh Interweb" did not really exist so you actually had to go to libraries to photocopy papers; often I would have to request books to be transferred through the interlibrary system so I could get rare stuff like Frank Rubin's arithmetic coder paper (which presaged the modern "range coder"). I might spend weeks just waiting for a paper to come in. I would sit in the garden and write notes about ideas on different algorithms.

Now I just grab all the papers I can easily grab on the web. I read them all in a few hours, mostly just skimming and thinking "junk" or "too obscure" or "ldo, obvious" or "bad writing, bleck I can't bother with this". I work something up really quick that's close enough to state of the art, and then I have to move on, because it's just irresponsible to keep working on some little aspect of my work that isn't driving me towards shipping.

I'm super out of shape right now; I went jogging the other day and coughed up some blood. I went to the gym today and got nauseous and felt ill for an hour afterward. Yeah yeah, I know I'm pushing it too hard too fast, but it's hard for me to comprehend how far I have to dial it back; I was like a ultimate-fighting ex-navy-seal lumberjack, and now I'm like a 70 year old with polio. Working out absolutely sucks when you're out of shape. I can see why all you weak fatties hate it so much. You have to get over a certain hump and then it starts actually feeling good, but until then it's just miserable. When I run right now I picture an elephant running in slow motion. Each step is like a ton of bricks slamming into the earth, and then all my weight sinks down onto that leg and my joints and tendons howl in protest.

Guy LaLiberte' dropped around $3M online in the last few days (around $20M total in 2008). It makes me want to boycott Cirque de Soleil. $150 for a ticket? Outrageous! But I do love me some circus.

Burlesque shows would be pretty damn great if it wasn't always the fat Rosie-O'Donnell-esque women that wanted to be in them. No, I'm sorry, your "sass" does not make up for the fact that you are gross. I'm not asking for stripper type girls; in fact, the *lack* of stripper type girls is what makes burlesque appealing in the first place. I want to see girls who are actually having fun and enjoying the tease show, not soul-crushed strippers. I'm just asking for quirky, real girls that aren't disgusting.

"Why aren't there transvestite girls?"
"You know, like how transvestite males dress up girls; there are no tranny girls that dress up as men."
"Sure there are, they're called lesbians."

God the winter here is really depressing. It's cold and grey and wet and always dark. I could easily slip into really bad patterns, not sleeping, eating badly, not going out, just staying home and fucking around on the computer. It takes a real force of will to stay positive and sane through the gloom. I mean, my sanity at any time is like a pendulum standing straight up; the slightest breeze can send it into a sudden fall and wild oscillations. Normally the slightest thing can send me into a funk for days (like doing a bad job of parallel parking for example). The winter here is like a gale trying to blow my pendulum over.

I hate the style of writing that has become standard for blogs all around the net. It's sort of smarmy, it usually involves an anecdote in which you mock the people or the event that you are telling about. It's very superior and often contains a "lesson". Even many of my favorite blog writers that I often read are very guilty of this, it is *not* funny or clever or amusing. Stop it. (I guess this is like, ironic, or something).


AK said...

Quit yer whinin! ;)

castano said...

> God the winter here is really depressing.

Weren't you planning to go to Hawaii or Costa Maya?

Sean said...

Portland actually.

cbloom said...

Mmm. I just saw the "King5" and realized it was a familiar TV station. But I guess it could have been footage of Siberia just being shown on King5 for all I knew....

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