12-03-08 - Stuff

One of the advantages of a real newspaper over reading on the computer is that if you get jam on your newspaper you just throw it away.

God dammit, if I forget and open a project in VC that's in the RAD perforce before I do the VPN, it fucking kills DevStudio. It stalls out for like a minute and then wants you to "Work Disconnected" and all this nonsense. It should just pop up a messagebox that says "can't connect to server - retry | abort " and let me go start the VPN. I've already disabled the "open last project" option because it was fucking me so much (and I like that option a lot). Curse you.

A lot of people here seem to have custom headlights that are specifically designed TO MAKE ME MAD. They're like white or blueish, super bright, and they have like laser robotic targetting to shine directly into my eyes at all times. When I drive home at night, I wind up placing my head in the one spot in my car where I can see neither the rearview mirror nor my side mirror. Which of course is very dangerous because I'm now not seeing the mirrors at all.

Why does anyone ever buy a Malcolm Gladwell book? They contain literally zero information. If you're smart enough to understand it, then you already know it. If you didn't know it, you won't ever get it. And no, reading "Blink" at a cafe does not make you look smart.

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