12-02-08 - Random

A 15 year old tranny asked me for gas money. I said no because they were obviously in the fancy car their parents bought for them. Fucking spoiled ass teenage trannies these days. God damn suburban kids come in to the city and make it crazy.

I know Alissa already said this, but I felt like the first 15 minutes of Wall-E were sort of something special, or at least different. It was reminiscent of 2001 in the lack of dialog - oh and of course they knew that and used the 2001 music and copied HAL (I guess they would say it was a "reference" or an "homage" which are fancy words for copying). And the Wall-E character design is basically a 100% rip off the Short Circuit robot ( see for example ). And the Eve robot is a really terrible design that's not at all expresive or interesting. Anyway, after all that great promise, it devolves into typical Pixar madcap junk with lots of "zany" chase sequences and characters screaming "eeee" as they cling onto some object which carries them away quickly.

I really don't get the love for Pixar. Yeah their animators are good, but their shading is just awful, only recently have they started to make their movies look like anything but Gouraud / Matte Plastic. Most of their designs still look like conic sections jammed together or really soft subdivision-looking stuff (which makes things look like a skeleton inside a rubber balloon). Until "Ratatouille" I don't think they'd made a decent movie, and that was only semi-decent (often devolving into chase sequences and plodding moralizing).

Even as kids movies, I don't think they've made anything *near* the heart and character of something like "The Jungle Book", "The Dark Crystal", or "Spirited Away".

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