11-28-08 - Internet Crap

The explosion of garbage on the internet is effectively now making the internet smaller. As long as you confine yourself to a small arcane field like I dunno hash table algorithms the "internet" seems to work fine - you can do searches and find good pages and such.

But try doing something more mainstream today. Even if you search for something like DXTC you will be deluged with garbage. God help you if you try to find something like product reviews for consumer goods like microwaves or something. What you will find is : automatic aggregator sites that are worthless, sites camping on the keywords that literally have zero real content and just ads, sponsored sites, web forums with lots of retards writing reviews they know nothing about, etc..

The net effect is that smart internet users are disconnecting from the global web and retreating into "neighborhoods". More and more now I go directly to sites I know rather than doing global searches. If I want camera reviews I go to dpreview, if I want information about Windows I go straight to MSDN, and for general information I go to my friends' blogs.

This is really a negative thing. It means I'm not getting information from new sources, I'm not exploring the web and finding new connections. Metaphorically I imagine a vast cityscape of internet information, and there's goods out there I'd like to find, but 90% of the houses are now literally spewing feces and vomit out their doors, so I have built a wall of sandbags around my internet home. I look out on the city of shit and long for a time when I could aimlessly wander its streets and stumble upon real treasures.


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cchang said...

I've found that reddit.com helps me get a snapshot of what's "in" It is a mixed bag of crap vs. really cool stuff, but from the simplistic interface lets you click through articles quickly. I've discovered lots of cool new sites off reddit. This is kinda cool. Interactive Video Object Manipulation:

cbloom said...

From what I can tell SearchWiki is pretty worthless right now. It doesn't share your rankings with other similar people, and it doesn't apply the ranking to the whole site for the whole topic - it seems locked to a specific page for a specific search.

That means it does no good at helping me find new places of quality on the net, it just makes it easier for me to re-find the good places I already know about.

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