11-27-08 - WTF Seattle

It's freezing in our apartment and as usual the landlord has ignored my call. I figured I'd look up the law . WTF Seattle. The law here only requires heat to get you to 58 degrees at night. 58 !?!!? 58 is like hobos huddling together level of warmth. Our apartment is somewhere in the low 60's and apparently that's perfectly legal. In SF the requirement is for 68 degrees, which is actually a bit retardedly high IMO; plus heat is a lot more crucial here than in SF. A requirement around 65 would be best.

In other WTF Seattle news - there's disgusting rotting leaf slop everywhere around the streets and sidewalks here. Early on when I got here I noticed there was no city street sweeping. No street sweeping at all! I noticed it mainly because you don't have to ever move your car when it's parked on the street, which does save a lot of stress worrying about the street sweeping days. It was fine through the summer, but then all the leaves fell, and it rained and rained, and nobody swept them up. And no I'm not talking about in front of my house, I'm talking about 25% of the homes around the city. Now the fallen wet leaves have rotted and turned into a brown slop that squishes and sticks in your shoes.

My first thought was "they don't bother street sweeping because it rains so much", but the real answer, like most answers to "WTF Seattle" is "no income tax".

ADDENDUM : neighbors are having another backyard fire and sing along. You can't really possibly imagine how outrageous this is. It's not like we have big properties. The buildings on capitol hill are literally less than 10 feet apart, so their fire pit is about 20 feet from our bedroom and the smoke comes right in the window. So I went out to talk to them tonight after midnight when they were having another guitar sing a long around the fire. It seems like a fun hippy crowd, they drink and sing and hang out by the fire, I wish I was doing that. But not right by my freaking bedroom, WTF. I hate the experience of confronting people. I hate being the fucking nosey asshole neighbor. But I hate sitting in here fuming about doing nothing even worse. And once I make a stink I expect results. If they don't cooperate voluntarily I have various mechanisms to extract action, though I hate to get into a whole neighbor war situation. I've never complained to neighbors about noise before in my life and now I've done it three times with two different neighbors here.

Bleck. One thing that bugs me is that when we looked at this apartment we *knew* these things would be issues. We looked at the squeaky old wood floors, and the thin drafty windows, and the hippy house right next door, and we explicitly called out every one of those problems. But we took the place anyway because it was the best thing we'd seen in 8 days of intensive looking and the hotel bill was getting out of hand and the effort of searching for apartments every day had worn us down.

We might have to just move.

Buying a house is so scary to me because you never know if your neighbors are going to be inconsiderate nutjobs. Sure if you get away from the apartment/youngster area you can probably avoid big late night parties, but as you get into the yuppie suburban areas you start getting the Mr. Fix It 7 AM home improvement guy who's constantly redoing everything in his house and doing it himself so he works at all hours and it just never ends.

Buying a condo just seems like madness to me because your quality of life still hinges so strongly on your neighbors and you can't be sure what you're getting into (or that they will stay the same). Plus you have to go through the condo maintenance guy still and just hope he's reasonable. You have almost all the problems of apartments, but you're locked into it so you can't easily flee if it turns out to be a disaster.

I need to buy like 20 acres of undesirable swamp land and just park a trailer in the middle of it. Ah, sweet sleep.

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billyzelsnack said...

"disgusting rotting leaf slop"

I named the stuff 'Steed' after a certain, not to be named, developer was being a dick again.

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