11-24-08 - Unix Utils

I've always hated "cygwin". I don't want a crappy semi-emulation of a Unix shell. I just want to be able to run some of the Unix utils (like grep and patch) natively as Win32 console apps in my 4DOS (TCC). Most of the POSIX API is available natively in Win32, so just use that! Well, here you go : Unix Utils in native Win32 . Yay.


castano said...

That seems sort of outdated. The gnuwin32 project contains a more comprehensive list of packages:


You should also have a look at MinGW/MSYS:


Sean said...

Yeah, I've been using the unix utils package for years, after never liking cygwin's fuckitude.

bubu said...

There is also Windows Services for UNIX distributed by Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=896c9688-601b-44f1-81a4-02878ff11778&displaylang=en
It also includes various UNIX command line utilities.

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