11-22-08 - WTF Seattle

It's midnight and my neighbors just lit a fire in their back yard. WTF is wrong with this city?

I'm a little torn because hey, people can have parties once in a while, we don't need to forbid all after midnight socializing. There's a certain social contract to being neighbors in the city, mostly it means being reasonably quiet, but it also means sometimes being tolerant of others' noise.

Ugh, I was about to go to bed and now I'm so full of rage and self loathing that I'll be up for hours.

Double WTF some drunk driver just ran into the telephone pole in front of my apartment.

All of this would not really be exceptional in a big city like NY or SF or whatever, but Seattle is really quite small and feels completely dead at night, the streets are empty and yet there's a high concentration of craziness right next to me.

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AK said...

Don't worry, next time I will go out and kick their asses for you.

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