11-13-08 - Links

Top Chef the show is pretty meh as a show; I'm a sucker for food shows, but god it's such a cheesy standard reality show with all the fake drama and manipulation. I have to watch it though so that I can understand the blogs . The blogs are reliably hillarious; Tom's is generally good, and then there will be other tasty ones by the likes of Tony Bourdain, Richard's is often good, Harold is good, and whoever the guest celebrity chef is sometimes writes a good one.

Simon Brown has a nice DXTC library, and some other good stuff on his page; good page on spherical harmonics for example.

Shawn Hargreaves has a good blog that's mainly on introduction-to-game-development kind of stuff, mostly with XNA. I don't know how many commercial people are actually using the whole XNA studio thing, but I guess I might have to make Oodle work with their "Content Pipeline" thing.

Wolfgang Engel's blog is pretty good. Apparently he made an iPhone game SDK.

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