11-11-08 - Blah Blah

Dan's Data Review of the Dell 30 ; Dan's got a nice site, lots of good value.

iHologram anamorphic perspective demo is totally fucking rad. Found from Kokoromi

There's tons of videos on Youtube of realtime raytracers, voxel engines, and cool CUDA stuff. Galaxies collide with CUDA , Voxelstein , and a cool compilation .


cbloom said...

BTW the iHologram is fake.

It should be pretty easy to do, but I think it would suck in real life, because obviously it's not tracking your actual head position, so you have to keep your head in the perfect spot and rotate the iphone.

Sean said...

i don't even understand the faking... i had assumed the iphone's tilt-sensor was just gravity relative, but this shows it detecting orientation while flat on its back?

But yeah, also worthless.

cbloom said...

iPhone has an accelerometer just like the Wii-motes.

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