11-10-08 - Bleck

I'm still really sick. I know for sure a doctor is not going to do a damn thing for me, but I'm starting to feel like I have to go just so that I'm trying to do something about this. I hate having problems and not doing anything about it.

I have all the symptoms of a bacterial infection, except that I can't find a specific site of infection, and my fever's not super high. The feeling really reminds me of when I had those infected spider bites though. Maybe I could prescribe myself some antibioitics. I'm super out of it, faint, weak, have a head ache, really achy muscles everywhere, like my eye muscles really hurt. My fever's like 99, but I normally run low, like 97.5 (btw oral temperature is so massively inaccurate, it's silly that doctors have these thresholds like 100.4 for antibiotics. your temperature can vary by 1 degree throughout the day; it varies massively based on whether you've been wrapped up in blankets, if you exercised, if you just ate hot food or drank cold water, etc. etc.).

I'm trying to make sure I know a hospital to go to in case I collapse. There are literally 5 hospitals on Capitol / First hill, but not a single one of them is public & subsidizied. WTF. Seattle public services really sucks complete balls. SF's got a subsidized public hospital that's completely free if you're poor and uninsured. Sure you have to sit next to the homeless crack heads in the waiting room, but the wait's not even that bad unless you go on a Friday night.

I realized yesterday that I've passed out an awful lot in my life. I passed out in Mammoth once because I drank too much beer and sat in the hot tub too long. That night I got up to go pee and just collapsed. No biggie. Then twice in SLO, once when I had a really bad cold and a high fever and we thought I might have pneumonia; I went to the hospital and they told me I was a baby wasting their time and to get the fuck out. Then another time with my infected spider bites. When I went to the hospital then they couldn't believe I'd let it go so long. Then again in San Francisco just from some kind of cold. I walked into the kitchen and felt really dizzy and was trying to steady myself and just suddenly passed out cold, I fell completely limp like a ton of fleshy bricks and hit my head on the stove. That was scary. Oh yeah - and one time in a Rugby game when I caught a kick and was running in the open field and took a tackle really badly. I was out cold and people gathered around to hold up fingers for me to count. And I got right back in the game because our team never had enough reserves and I stupidly wanted to show I was tough enough.

I'm a little confused about what to do about fevers now. Modern understanding is that most of the bad problems from infection is actually caused by the body's overreaction and excessive fever, which is what causes organ failure and tissue destruction and so on. On the other hand, modern understanding also says that you should not take fever reducers for normal illnesses, because the fever does help kill things off faster. And in fact some people say you should bundle up and try to get extra warm to help your body be warm and kill the infection. I guess as long as the fever is under 100 you should let it be.

BTW I just put together that sepsis = bacterial infection, and "septic tank" is not called "septic" referring to the nasty poo inside, but rather the fact that there's bacteria inside.


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Michael said...

one time when I had the flu, these guys hit me with two IVs, took a nap, then sent me home.


billyzelsnack said...

Why are you assuming you have a bacteria infection? Your symptoms sound exactly like what I'm just getting over now and what my wife thought was caused by a virus.

cbloom said...

I don't think I've ever had a cold before without any head congestion. I have no sneeze or cough. But yeah you're right I really have no idea what it is exactly.

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