11-04-08 - System Restore

System Restore seems like a nice idea, but so far as I can tell it's completely worthless. I don't even mind that it's rather a large performance hit because it watches your drives all the time and copies files into the restore dir. The big problem is that it stomps on your data files when you try to do a restore.

My lappy's gone weird for some reason, it no longer automatically changes resolution when I plug in an external monitor. I have no idea how that was working in the first place, but it was working magically perfectly; when I plugging in my external it would res up to 1920x1200, then when I uplugged it, it would switch back to the native lappy LCD res of 1450x1050. Now when I plug in the external it's staying at the same res and scaling, and I have to manually tell it to change res. Urg! What happened?

Anyway, I tried jumping back with system restore. I tried running TextBlog and nothing was working. WTF all the batch files I wrote are gone!? The exes I compiled are gone?! And of course the C# VS I installed doesn't work (that one's no surprise). I want you to just restore the registry and the Windows dir, not all the stuff I wrote by hand all over my drive!

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