11-02-08 - The Most Important Election of Our Generation

The Most Important Election of Our Generation was in 2000, and we completely fucking blew it. We had a chance to elect Al Gore. We could be spending money on research on alternative energy, we could be providing health care and cleaning up the environment, we could have worked with international institutions to deal with foreign problems. Instead we elected the fucking W.

2004 was the next most important election and we fucked that up too.

This one is less important for two reasons - 1) the Republican choice is not as pure evil as the last two, and 2) they have very little chance of winning.

The really important things to fight for are things that 1) make a big difference and 2) have a high chance of going the wrong way.

So let's stop patting ourselves on the back. Getting things right after your stupid mistakes have blown up in your face is not really anything to be proud of.

I also get the feeling that some liberals are very pleased to be electing a black man. Oh, how very enlightened we are. How magnanimous of us whites sharing our stranglehold on power with other races. Think of how impressed the Europeans will be.


Nino Mojo said...

I thought W wasn't actually elected in 2000. Granted, maybe if the race wasn't that tied, then Gore would have won anyway.

MikeShlz said...

100% agreement. My stomach twists when news covers newly involved voters who think now is the time to make a difference. No mention is made of previous indifference that created this scene in the first place.

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