11-01-08 - ZOMG PAD S5

Poker After Dark Season 5 looks fucking awesome. Tournaments are such balls, cash deep stack no limit is the one true poker. The show production is still not as good as High Stakes Poker but this lineup is sick, and the fact that it's 6-handed should mean better play than the donkey shit they do on HSP :

Tom Dwan = Durrr = huge online winner, 22 years old, 2+2er, expert at NLHE and PLO

Antonius = luigi66369, Tryharderfish, AllTheWomen, I_Knockout_U = perhaps the best in the world

Ivey you know, maybe could be the best but gets bored of poker

Eli is a businessman and a huge donkey donator, one of the guys that drives the big game (like Sammy and Guy)

Howard is a nit and mediocre player but a nice guy, presumably he just inserted himself because he owns The Show

Ilari Sahamies = Ziigmund = online PLO specialist, huge nutter, crazy table talker, crazy tilt shover

This is such an awesome action table and it's full of actually good players unlike the donks they usually show on TV. Durrr and Antonius are probably the best two players in the world right now. Sometimes Antonius and Ivey get bored at these TV tables and don't really pay attention, so hopefully they'll actually be interested in this game. Also Ivey has always refused to play cash games on TV with hole cam cards because he didn't want to give up any information; glad to see he's finally given up that misconception.

A very standard Ziig-Durrr hand ; they both have monster hands here it's not very interesting, with that flop they're gauranteed to get all in (with how aggressive they are).

Here's a taste of Ziig going nuts (he's famous for playing the top games drunk) :

Gus Hansen: you cant get lucky every time
Ziigmund: fcuk u r retard
Ziigmund: how u can say so?
Ziigmund: u had again 6 out
Ziigmund: f tilt retard
Gus Hansen: wauw
Gus Hansen: ups
Ziigmund: really i mean
Ziigmund: everybody says how bad u r
Ziigmund: its f omg
Gus Hansen: that was easy
Gus Hansen: I figured he would be back
Ziigmund: what do u think....all big pots what that retard has
won......he has been always so much underdog
Ziigmund: 18k pre
Ziigmund: then all in
Gus Hansen: ups
Ziigmund: look at this f bull s hit
Ziigmund: hey gus
Ziigmund: how u think
Gus Hansen: yes
Ziigmund: u r f retard
Ziigmund: FU
Ziigmund: FU
Ziigmund: FU
Gus Hansen: im starting to like this game
Ziigmund: everybody see how f retard that guy is
Ziigmund: gus
Gus Hansen: yes
Ziigmund: everybody see how f retard that guy is

Ziigmund: come to play 200 400
Ziigmund: i ll give u 20 prosent back
Ziigmund: your losses
Mike Matusow: n ty
Mike Matusow: i jsut got 5ich again dont watn to go
broke to fast

Ziigmund: gus is fish
Ziigmund: so f bad
Ziigmund: and looks like chec republic man
Gus Hansen: you might lose a coin flip one day Ziggy

Ziigmund: gus is from czech rebubplik
Ziigmund: from ROMANIA HE IS
Ziigmund: gus likes eurovision
Ziigmund: gus should sing in eurovision..team chez romanisa
Ziigmund: gus is singer from romania
Ziigmund: czech rebuplic singer from eurovision gay bar GUSTAV HANSEN
Gus Hansen: no i dont think so

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AK said...

Omg, we are going to be watching poker forever, aren't we? ;)

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