10-31-08 - Mythbusters

Mythbusters is so fucking retarded, the guys have absolutely no idea WTF they are talking about. I think Adam and Jamie are really amusing characters, but they should be buddy cops fighting crime or something, not pretending to do experiments that are completely bogus and drawing nonsense conclusions from incorrect assumptions and faulty logic.

Just about every episode is wrong, but the Motorcycle Flip has made me mad enough to write. They claim that it's physical fact that you can't flip a motorcycle over the front wheel by braking the front wheel. YouTube says O RLY !? . And then to just drive their wrongness into the ground they pull out the condescending attitude and tell us that it's "scientific fact" that the forward momentum of the bike cannot be turned into upward motion. Oh thanks for the complete nonsense, guys. That might be true if the braking force was applied at THE CENTER OF MASS, and not on the bottom of the front wheel, which creates a torque around that point, giving the bike a huge angular momentum, which can in fact flip it into the air.

It's just such typical Mythbusters.

Step 1. Concoct an experiment that's totally uncontrolled and doesn't actually recreate the Myth and wouldn't prove anything

Step 2. Draw incorrect conclusions from the experiment that don't really follow from what was seen anyway.

Step 3. Jabber about some cockamamie misunderstand of science that somehow "explains" or "proves" the nonsense that they told us. 

Ugh. Just make cool stuff and shut up about it please.


Autodidactic Asphyxiation said...

MythBusters does gfx:


castano said...

that was just pathetic. look how we waste our money.

cbloom said...

That kind of stuff that they do is pretty awesome IMO. Though, um, yeah, LOL Nvidia.

Kind of reminds me of the wood mirror thing


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