10-31-08 Junk

The new blog makes me feel like I can't just write drivel and nonsense like a normally do. I feel more aware that I'm being watched and the personal nonsense seems more inappropriate than ever.

My lappy's been acting kind of weird so I popped open the Event Viewer. WTF there's a ton of bizarre errors. Some thing about NetBIOS browser masters having elections !? Some stuff about NAT and internet connection sharing; WTF I have ICS disabled. Ugh. God damn I hate computers. The fucking HTPC keeps having retarded problems that I find so damn frustrating. Every time I look at it, just sitting there all smug lording over my living room I want to just beat it up. Fuck you for not showing media info on the LCD. Fuck you for randomly deciding to un-maximize the video player window. Fuck you for skipping ahead 4 fucking minutes when I hit the jump ahead button on video.

I'm so fucking sick of software and all its problems. My email is full of spam.

My favorite things have been shit recently.

The last Good Eats about meat pies : the good thing about Good Eats is when Alton drops some interesting science or techniques, the horrible part is the cheezy fucking skits and his cringe-worthy idea of humor. I know, why don't we make a whole episode that's 100% skit! Urg!!

Anthony Bourdain : No Reservations. The great part about the show is seeing the real cuisine of different countries, the travel, and in fact it's 90% about his guides, some of the episodes suck when he has a lame guide (like that Russian guy) but some of them rock when he has a really good guide (Greece, Korea). The worst part is Tony's pretentious pseudo-intellectual grandiose voice over. You just have to roll your eyes and laugh and try to ignore his philosophizing. I know, let's make a whole episode called "At the Table" where we remove all the good parts (the travel) and just have Tony sit and spew retarded cocktail party conversation for an hour.

And then the fucking Buzzing Fly show is fucking talk radio with Justin Martin. I like Justin's music quite well and I understand Ben wants to pimp his label but this is disgusting. The questions are like a Playboy Playmate interview. What are your turn ons and turn offs? How did you get into making music? What do you like to do other than make music? And his answers are even sadder, apparently he's a complete moron. I almost always hate seeing interviews with musicians because their total retardation ruins my illusion that they're these interesting cool smart people locked away in a dungeon creating great works. I don't like reading about movie directors or actors or writers. I want to enjoy the art that they create without my head being filled with their own thoughts on it, or the hollywood gossip about them, or anything except the art product itself.


castano said...

that's just because you are not using the right software (ubuntu, gmail) :P

cbloom said...


Maybe I can write another app to upload & download my gmail so that I can use their spam filter but interact with my mail in a sensible way as local files on my machine.

Autodidactic Asphyxiation said...

Something like IMAP?


cbloom said...

Hmm... yeah... indeed.. urrr...

cbloom said...

So I'm trying to figure out the best way to run mail through gmail.

I've always had bad experiences with IMAP, I'd like to keep using Eudora in POP mode.

gmail has semi-broken support for POP. I use multiple machines and they have this "recent:" workaround but it's a little wonky.

I'm thinking maybe the best thing is to forward mail through gmail to use it as a scrubber. Take mail from cbloom.com, forward to gmail, then forward from gmail to another POP account, and download it from there.

Autodidactic Asphyxiation said...

I'm curious how IMAP has given you problems. But, the automatic forwarding would probably work for you:


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