10-27-08 - 2

The new cbloom rants at blogspot is almost working. If one of my Google buddies who reads this can hook me up with someone at Blogger to get past this 50 post a day limit I'll be up and running. It's not up to date yet because I can only put up 50 posts a day >:|

I'm going to post the source code to my TextBlog uploader. Even if you don't like blogging from Text it's a pretty handy way to back up your blog, because it can download the whole blog to files, then you could edit some of those if you want, and it can restore your whole blog from those files. Would be a very handy way to do something like a mass find-replace on all your blog entries.

It's been a good day. The Hamachi stuff works, and I got to listen to music at work finally. I've been thinking this HTPC project has been a huge pain in the butt and I wish I was still just listening to CD's, but then something like that comes together and it's all worth it.

I got my Oodle space shooter game sort of working. It's a little fly around in Galaxy, but it loads models and textures async through Oodle. As usual it's hard enough to actually find enough content to stress the async at all. It loads like 20 megs of models in less than a second. It's still just loading single-file packages; next up : some logical pagacking, tracking how the app loads data, defining load group markers, compressing bundles, bundle baking processes, etc. etc.

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