10-26-08 - 2

The NFL officiating is really fucking impressive. The guys conference and try to get the call right, they have people all over the field, and if all that fails the replay system is really good. They actually seem to care about letting the play decide the game. Contrast to basketball and soccer which are both so retardedly horribly officiated (and the result of games depends so strongly on those bogus calls) that they're just unwatchable.

The only sport that maybe has it even better than the NFL is Rugby, where the head referee is almost an active player and has a huge amount of freedom to call or not call things. That's necessary because the rules of rugby are sort of vague and if you played by the letter of The Law the games would be retarded with penalties being called constantly. Rugby refs get to use their judgement and let a lot of things slide but try to keep things fair overall. They also will get right in there and yell at players instead of stopping play, like "let go of him!" "roll away!" "let it go!" (talking about the ball), etc. It's really a wonderful thing when the head ref is good. The bad thing is that it does give the ref a lot of power in affecting games, and it works horribly if the ref is not very good.

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MaciejS said...

Try Australian football, there's even more freedom there.

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