10-26-08 - 1

So I'm finally writing the Blogger API app to post my blog for me. It's going pretty well. It works like this :

download all the posts from Blogger

parse rants.html and break it into separate posts and try to give them unique logical names

compare all the posts from parsing with what I downloaded

update any changed posts, upload any new posts

and that's all working. I have run into a few problems :

1. Blogger puts a limit of 50 posts per day on you. For my initial upload of the old rants that is really fucking annoying. It also doesn't error at all when the limit kicks in, the posts just stop showing up, so I wasted some time going "WTF is happening".

2. Fucking Blogger by default converts slash-n (LF) into a BR tag. Ugh. Even when I tell it my content-type is HTML it still does the conversion. There's a "convertLineBreaks" tag in the feed but you can't put it, only get it. Again I was pulling my hair out on that one until I found that you can disable it from the web interface.

3. The documentation is actually pretty balls. It looks good at first because the "Getting Started" guide is really nice and I'm humming along all happy, and then I start actually wanting to know things, and there's just zero detailed documentation about what all these fields are and what values are okay and what they do to the server.

4. C# is a fucking pain in the ass. Sarcastic example of how to make int i = 1;

ValueHolder< int > i = System.Int.Clone( System.ConstantIntegerValue.1 );

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steve said...

Thanks a bunch for posting this, Charles. Very useful!

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