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I used to think about getting some kind of wacky physics or math related tattoo. OMG I'm glad I didn't. These Equation Tattoos are hillarious ! The best quote :

I�m just happy that the artist now understands what a Swartzchild Radius is.

Then there's this girl who starts out promising ...

Girl with Shrodinger equation

Someday i hope to be a wacky, flannel-sportin� physicist.

Um, cool. Wait, what? Flannel?

my tattoo is schroedinger�s equation for the wave function of a particle. i chose this equation because its elegance & symmetry reflect that of our multiverse, & also because it describes the fundamental source of quantum weirdness.

Um, okay, not really, quantum wierdness comes from the fact that the probability is the square of the shrodinger wave function, the actual wave function is a pretty ordinary wave function. But okay, close enough.

time travel, quantum computers no matter what happens in my life, there is an infinitely Glorious Plan swirling all about us

Alright, now, see, that's your problem. That um, Glorious Plan you got swirling all around you is why you ain't ever going to see inside the ivory tower of physics.

I would be honored to be included among the ranks of badass scientists all over the world. oh, & if you have any pull with any preeminent physicists, tell Brian Greene to return my fan mail! :]

I'm afraid my dear the best you could ever be for Brain Greene is a cum dumpster.

And of course the hot chick is a marine biologist, and she's dumb as nails. Umm, I got it cuz like, jellyfish are cool, or something.

These are actually pretty rad :





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