10-22-08 - 5

Ugh. My fucking upstairs neighbors are killing me. They were dragging furniture across the floor again at 3 in the morning. I got no sleep yet again and feel like total ass. When I'm home I'm a tense ball of quivering nerves. I haven't really relaxed in weeks. All I want is peace and no stress. Normally if someone is making my life unpleasant I just cut them out, avoid them, but I can't do that with the neighbors. I'm kind of tempted to just move, but ugh moving is such a pain in the ass, and no resonable amount of throwing money at moving seems to make it any easier. I've talked to the upstairs neighbor, but I don't think it does any good. Maybe someone sweet and cute could talk to them and get them to change, but I'm no good at talking to people, I try to be nice and nonconfrontation but I always just come off as an asshole and they have no motivation to help me. People only change for two reasons : 1. the threat of some consequences, 2. if they like you. I have no stick to use against them and I can't charm them. I hate feeling powerless. Ugh fuck bleck.

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