10-22-08 - 2

We went hiking last saturday. Meh it was pretty but wet and cold, not really enjoyable. Anyway, I pulled over at some spot on the dirt forest service road to the trail so I could pee. I got out and stepped off the road a bit, and saw on the ground at my feet : 1) a bunch of shotgun shells on the ground, 2) some crushed cans of Miller Lite, 3) a used condom.


Metatron said...

Hy Charles, nice to have you thinking on (image) compression again ...

Lossless image code:

You're still invited to take a crack on the PW. http://pyramidworkshop.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pyramidworkshop/libBTPC-0.0.0/Predictor/

And here are some lengths to compare (0.9 GB of measured results rows):

Have fun

cbloom said...

Hey Niels, email me if you see this comment.

Metatron said...

I dropped you a mail, don't know if it arrived.

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