10-17-08 - 2

I really think the poor should rise up, and I encourage them to do so. Fancy cars should be stolen. Ostentatious mansions should be broken into. People walking down the street in fancy garb should be robbed. It is illogical to not do so. It's a necessary check on society.

The upper class simply does the logical thing which gives them the most immediate benefit - stomp all over the lower class and all those weaker than them. They will continue to do so until they have a reason not to.

One of the things I learned in poker over time is that you should never stop running over someone. That is, your gut will tell you to slow down. You think there's no way you should be able to get away with the absolute obvious larceny that you're setting up. You gut is wrong. When someone lets you take advantage of it, you just do it, and do it again, and again and again, your gut will be screaming "they must see what we're doing, slow down! try to hide it more, ease up a bit" , no, your gut is wrong, just keep robbing them. Until they actually give you some clear sign that they are going to respond correctly your to overplaying, just keep on overplaying. (specifically in poker this goes for being super tight just as much as it does for doing lots of stealing; when you're playing super tight waiting to trap some maniac, you starting thinking "god there's no way he's going to give me action, I'm playing so tight, I need to pretend to be looser to trick him", no, no you don't, until he actually shows you that he can slow down and stop being a maniac because you're so tight, you just keep on waiting to trap him).

The upper class is like "um, we're gonna just cut all the taxes for the rich" and the lower class is like "um, shucks, okay, sounds good". WTF, you retards, you deserve it. When somebody overplays a certain style, it's only wrong because it opens up a possible correction. If that correction is not taken, then the overplay is not wrong.

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