10-16-08 - 3

I don't really understand why people like the MacBook. They're way overpriced (like the ThinkPad), about 50% over the price of a similar Dell and double the price of a similar no-name. They're fucking widescreen which I hate. Hello !? WTF, text pages are fucking vertical. 4:3 is about the widest usable aspect, and in fact I actually like 3:4 better; when I had a monitor that would rotate vertical I would do it a lot, and it's super nice for web pages or reading PDF's or something. Widescreen on a laptop is useless and retarded, it means I get like 50 lines of text vertical. I'd like a 16" laptop that does 1600x1200. Then they do the fucking retarded awful thing of having a wide form factor, but not using all that width for the keyboard ! WTF ! The tiny laptop keyboard is one of the worst usability problems and you're making the thing fucking widescreen, make the keyboard wide! Oh no, we need one and a half inches of worthless aluminum on each side. No comprendo.

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