10-10-08 - 6

Well, I couldn't resist, I looked at my finances. Holy crap, I'm broke. About two years ago I decided the US was headed for the crapper so I got almost all my money out of the US. Sounds like a good idea, right? My European funds are down about 40% this year. My emerging market funds are down about 50%. That's worse than the S&P which is down about 30%. WTF. I especially thought Europe was a pretty safe bet because even just the falling dollar is like free growth in stocks traded in Euros.

The other thing that kind of surprised me is that my TIPS are down. The only money I have in the US is in TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities), which are supposed to be even less volatile than normal treasuries. WTF TIPS are down 4% this year. The fucking super safe bond is not supposed to go down, yo!

I definitely should've cashed out all my savings and gone to live on a beach in Thailand back when I was considering that a few years ago.

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The default Mac filesystems (or maybe it’s a higher-level layer in the OS) does always normalize it (can’t remember if it’s in the composed or decomposed form). Sadly, this also causes some problems when trying to interoperate w/ code designed for Linux/Windows, which are happy to let you hang yourself.

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