10-10-08 - 4

I'm going to write a little tool soon so that I can view the performance of my threads as a timeline. It will show what all the threads are doing at each second, and operations of each type will get a certain color; sleeps will be gray, any time the main thread is stalled out waiting on another thread will be red. I'll post things like when did an IO prefetech get fired, when did the IO request for that actually come in, then you can see when the IO Threads actually start doing that op, when they finish it, and then when the main thread gets it back; if the main thread blocks on that IO you'll see that, and there will be lines hooking up the same operation's journey across the various threads.

It's almost exactly Pix. I wish I could just put my data in the pix viewer and not have to write a GUI app (I hate writing GUI apps). It's frustrating that what I want is right there but I can't use it cuz it's not open source.

Really a nice thread timeline viewer that shows your time slices and mutexes and all that is something that should be in VC or whatever. It's a super useful standard app.

Oh, apparently NVidia has this AgPerfMon thing which also is pretty much what I want but also doesn't help me. Also : dear god, that looks way too complicated.

I've been thinking about doing another app to dump everything about your machine to a text file. Kind of like the stuff Valve does for graphics, but I also want everything about all your device drivers, what kind of disk hardware you have, stuff about your PCI bus, your network setup, all your BIOS settings, stuff like your IDE master/slave configs, is stuff in PIO mode, etc. That should totally be a standard app.

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