10-06-08 - 4

I'd like to do some backpacking, but with the state of my back I don't think it's a good idea, like ever. Backpacking is just out for the rest of this sad life of mine. But it occurs to me I should just hire porters. Get a "sherpa" (and by that I mean a Mexican) to carry my gear. He'd be happy to get $10/hour, and the cost of that is pretty microscopic to me in the scheme of things. Hell, paying the sherpa is cheaper than the cost of the gas to drive to the trail head. Fuck he's cheaper than the fucking hiking pants at REI that are like $250 for fucking hiking pants. I'll just wear no pants and hire another Mexican to follow me around and rub my legs to keep them warm.

We currently live in a society of grossly different costs and wages, but we're not acting like we do. It's sort of a taboo to have servants and treat the underclass as shittily as we logically should.

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