10-05-08 - 1

It's been a really rough week. I caught a little cold for the first few days and just felt like ass. Then Wednesday morning for no apparent reason my back just gave out. It happens to me about once a year. It almost always happens in the morning, in the first ten minutes after waking up. That's the most dangerous time, when your spine has moved around in your sleep, and then suddenly you put the load of your weight on it by standing up, and something goes horribly wrong. All of a sudden a nerve was getting pinched, like a hot knife jabbed in my back, and I collapsed on the floor to try to get some relief. My whole back instantly knotted up to try to protect the nerve, which of course just makes it worse. I lay on the floor for hours that morning just breathing through the pain. The whole week has been agony, I'm still in intense pain, it's no longer just in that one spot, it's spread all over my back now as the knotted up wrenching of the muscles has pulled on many parts and everything hurts now. But the worst is over I think, and fortunately Alissa has been an angel giving me back rubs and helping me through it.

It's a random moment that the back rebels, but of course it's because something bad has been happening to it. I have a pretty good guess. After years of being on my own schedule and doing lots of random physical activity I suddenly went back to sitting at a desk for way too many hours every day. Then add in moving loads around, the fact that I stopped working out for a month, and then the kicker was that in the last few weeks I did start working out again. Being sedentary at a desk for 10+ hours and then suddenly doing 1 hour of really hard workout is a sure way to hurt yourself.

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