10-04-08 - 2

Random weird stuff about Seattle :

Cars park any which way they want. You see them parked nose-to-nose and butt-to-butt. I always thought it was a dumb law that you hard to park all the same direction. I got a ticket for it once in Pasadena; my uncle even told me "hey, you shouldn't park backwards they'll give you a ticket" and I was like "pshaw, no way they write that ticket, I didn't even know it was illegal". Boom I got the ticket. Anyway, it looks really weird to me now.

They let power lines go right through the middle of trees. In California if a tree gets anywhere near a power line they chop it back (and by "it" I mean the tree, not the power line). It was done to some of my favorite trees and it pissed me off at the time, but here there are power lines literally going through trees. The trees sway in the wind and tug on the wire and nobody thinks it's a big deal. I don't exactly understand, but hey, I like trees.

There are goths! WTF! It's especially funny because the goths are sort of demure and domestic like everyone here; I see them in couples shopping at the grocery store in 6 inch boots laced up to their knees and long velvet coats, quietly discussing which brand of pasta sauce to buy.

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