10-01-08 - 3

Is it possible to make the MSVC help actually behave reasonably? Like #1) never ever never fucking pop up that Dynamic help nonsense. Make that thing go away forever. #2) just show me the fucking Platform SDK. When I search for "BeginPaint" I want the fucking Win32 API help on BeginPaint, not fucking Windows CE, not fucking the BeginPaint member function on CWnd or whatever. I know I can do the "Platform SDK" filter, but that's not exactly what I want either because that just blocks out other categories, I want to be able to set the search order. If I just include the Platform SDK I don't get any compiler help or XBox help or whatever, but if I include those then I pull in junk I want and I make the default action of "F1" be all retarded. Urg.

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