10-01-08 - 1

People who do not know how to use the grocery store self checkout should not try it for the first time during evening grocery rush hour. WTF. Ridiculous lack of courtesy. People older than 60 should *never* use the self checkout, or any other electronic device where others have to wait behind them. In fact people over 60 really shouldn't leave their homes.

The people who live in our building are fucking WEIRD. Not the stompy coke-head who lives above us, that's just normal weirdness. I mean everyone else in the building. They creep around and try to avoid eye contact. They have not said hi once. A few days ago Alissa and I got to the front door and one of our neighbors that I've never seen before was at the mail boxes. They started frantically hurrying with the mail so they could get it before we opened the door, and they ran up the stairs ahead of us without a look or a hi. When we first moved in I saw a few of the neighbors and tried to wave or make eye contact and they actively looked away. A few weeks ago I got a package from UPS and another neighbor got the package at the same time, so we both went to the front door. I could see the terror on his face as soon as he saw me. I said "hey" , no response. At the front door he chatted with the UPS guy, we both got our stuff, and when we shut the door I said "howdy", no response.

Drivers up here are fucking assholes. I mean willfull look you in the eye fucking assholes. It really bothers me. Every day when I drive, or even when I walk (!!) they do something to really piss me off, and it turns me off humanity in general up here. It seems like everyone up here is a selfish mother fucking cock who has no respect for other people's time or lives. It's bad that they're asses to other drivers, but people are fucking asses and reckless around pedestrians, which is so unnacceptable. Cars just do not stop for peds here. You can be like a quarter of the way across the street and cars on the same side as you will still just keep blazing through at full speed. And I'm not talking about J-walking, I'm talking about crossing at the corner. If you just stand at a corner and wait, the cars will literally never stop for you. It's fucking whack.

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