09-23-08 - 1

So I wrote my own screen saver. I just wanted a fucking decent "My Pictures" screen saver. My media PC runs on an old CRT TV, and those things have this property that if the screen image ever changes really abruptly, they make a weird hiss sound, like electricity crackling. So I tried turning on "transition" in the My Pictures screen saver. LOL. What it does is first completely blacks the screen, and then does a transition effect to bring in the new image. Then when it's time to bring in the next image, pop to black, then some lame effect.

So my screen saver just cycles through your pictures and actually does smooth transitions. And hey, I also made it grab the desktop and use that as the first image to transition from, so it comes on smoothly too. And I wrote a couple little transition effects to start. I'm doing them in software in C so they're slow as hell at the moment (at 1920x1200 or higher). It would be kind of fun to do transitions with D3D but I don't really want to worry about my screensaver using the 3d hardware right in all cases that it can come on.

I was pleased to find that MS actually made it pretty nice and easy to make screensavers. Hey it's just an EXE that you rename to a ".SCR" and you can do whatever you want in there.

Anyhoo, I'll post it in a few days once I get a freaking settings dialog box and such done.

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