09-18-08 - 1

Fucking Eudora 5 handles multiple personalities really badly. When you reply to a mail, it should always use the personality that received that mail as the originator of the reply. It doesn't. Instead the "current personality" is sticky and gets set when you do anything with that personality, including just receiving mail. This is screwing up my new rad personality.

And no I won't use any web mail ever, or any type of mail where they aren't just raw text files on my own computer. I tried going up to Eudora 7 a while ago and there were some things I didn't like but I forget what they were, and I don't recall if they fixed the dumb personality behavior either.

How fucking hard is it to write a decent mail client? It's one of those things I should just do myself. Right after I write a fucking music library browser and a fucking image editor. (yes, I'm looking at you, iTunes and Photoshop).

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