09-17-08 - 1

Wow, some wacky shit has been going on here.

A few nights ago a girl came on my front lawn. I had just gotten home from work around 9:30 and was setting up my laptop and stuff when I hear this loud moaning coming from somewhere. I listened to try to hear where it was coming from, and it seemed like it was coming from the window, so I walked over and looked outside. There was a couple on the sidewalk, arms around each other, and the guy had his hand up the girls skirt, vigorously finger-fucking her. She literally collapsed onto the lawn and he fell down with her and kept going at it for a minute or so with her wailing. My front lawn is not large and in no way is it at all private, there are apartments all around and no bushes or any kind of shelter. It was quite surprising.

Tonight I watched my upstairs neighbor buy drugs. I was standing near the front window lifting weights and watching TV. I hear neighbor come pounding down the stairs, and just as he does a car pulls up in front of the building and drives right up onto the curb (our street is only one lane wide, there's nowhere to pull over). Upstairs neighbor gets in the passenger side of the car and they just sit there. I can see very clearly into the car whenever the door is opened because the light comes on, but it's less clear once he closes the door. I see the driver go into the center console and pull out a ziploc bag. Upstairs neighbor rustles around in his pockets. After 30 seconds or so, the passenger door opens again and I see upstairs neighbor making sure what's in his pocket is definitely inside. He gets out and comes back in, car drives off. This explains the coming home at 3 or 4 AM and clomping around on the floor above my brain. I just wish he would get on heroin instead of coke.

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