09-06-08 - 1

I've been working way too hard; I'm having trouble getting anything done, partly because I'm really uncomfortable in the new coding environment, and it makes me want to just work harder to get past the problems. I have this personality flaw where when I'm focused on some problem, I just can't stop thinking about it. I wake up first thing in the morning and todo lists start popping into my head and I feel antsy until I start doing them. When I finally decide to quit working for the day, my brain is fried, I'm exhausted, I can hardly manage a grunt hello for my sweet girlfriend, and then the coding problems start going around in my head again. It's never pressure from the job that does this, it's the obsessive in me.

I miss the creature comforts of home at the office. The home is really a lovely place to be, I've got natural light, wood floors, windows that actually open for fresh air, and also crucially a kitchen. I miss being able to stop coding and go cook myself something. I've found myself feeling miserable at the office, and I think it's largely the light and air. I'm very sensitive to environments; of course it's my own fault for staying inside there too much.

I think the ideal work situation for me would be lounging in a lush courtyard like some greek philosopher, snacking on olives and almonds in the warmth and fresh air, chatting with other wise men, tended by attractive youths, and occasionally doling out words of wisdom to customers.

Universities have pretty sweet offices in the older buildings, courtyards or lawns around, lots of trees and windows, cozy rooms for the offices with lots of brick and wood and windows that open; they feel warm and cozy, where you could hole up for hours and puff on a pipe and think about general relativity.

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