09-04-08 - 1

Yay, our media machine is sort of working. I bailed on the LCD and am just giving up on TV for now, I'll keep using my TiVo for what tiny bit of real TV I watch. But I have video out and the music library interface of MediaPortal is pretty okay.

MediaPortal has a really nice crossfade when you fuck around with music; it's so obviously the right thing to do, like when you skip or mute or anything it's not abrupt. The default setting is like 4 seconds which is retarded awful laggy, but you can turn that down to like 0.5 seconds and it's nice.

The LEDs are retardedly bright; I need to just unplug them. All this makes me appreciate my old analog amp even more. It's got nice subtle LEDs. It's got a heavy smooth big knob for the volume. All the buttons are switches that actually flip so you can tell which way they're set and they feel solid. And there's never any incompatibility problem. Audio comes in on wires. Audio goes out on wires. That's it.

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