09-02-08 - 2

I want to set up a server at home so I can get to my home machines from work. It's somewhat complicated by the fact that I don't have static IP's at home (though I do have an IP at cbloom.com that maybe I could redirect to my home machines somehow).

There seem to be a bunch of remote control apps that are sort of intended for this. GoToMyPC is the old craptastic one; the newer ones are LogMeIn, WebEx PCNow, and BeAnywhere.

Really I don't want a custom web interface; I want to hook up to my home machines over regular Windows file sharing. I guess I could have my home machines dial in to the VPN before I leave then I should be able to get to them, but that messes up the network at home and relies on me making sure I put them in the VPN whenever I want them.

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