09-01-08 - 1

I went in for my first day of work today. Ugh, work is tiring. I fell right back into bad work habits : I got really thirsty and had to pee really bad, and rather than get up and get a drink and pee, I kept sitting there working away at the bastard computer. On the plus side, the work situation is really good and I'm excited to do some good coding.

I set up a VPN to RAD on my laptop, and I've been having this problem that the fucking VPN connection dialog randomly pops up when I'm home browsing. Fucking Windows. This happens because VPN is treated like a dial up adapter, and Windows has junk in it to automatically dial your dialup connection whenever you're disconnected. The best fix is to go to Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections and select "Never Dial a Connection".

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