08-30-08 - 2

Fucking Avira has smart extensions on but it still thinks it needs to scan all my fucking MP3 files. No, there is not a fucking virus in my music data, and even if there was it wouldn't be executed DUCY !?!

In other news Alissa had a virus on her iPod in the autorun.inf ; Windows is so fucking retarded that it by default runs the autoruns on any removable storage device that's plugged in, so if you plugged the iPod in any random machine - blammo infected. We haven't detected it because of course it happens to be not plugged in when the scheduled virus checks run. On a similar note, Windows handling of cached writes to removable storage is ass bad. Caching writes is on by default, and that very quickly leads to corrupt storage. On my machine of course I have cached writes off for removable devices, but if I plug in to some random machine they're on and my disk can get hammered. Yay.

BTW, the many ways cached writes are fucked in windows : it doesn't flush the writes even after sitting idle for minutes, so you can quite sensibly pull the disk minutes later and not have complete files; it doesn't flush before going in to standby, and then doesn't wake up slept disks when it does try to flush; the "remove this device" icon dealy to tell it to flush often just refuses to work, saying some app is still using the disk when that's damn well not true (which leads you to always ignore the warnings to not remove a device since they're so often false you get in the habit of just pulling it anyway).

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