08-30-08 - 1

I'm trying to copy all our music to the HTPC over the net and it's going outrageously slow. Alissa's 50 G has taken about 12 hours. Obviously I'm not using Explorer's copy, I'm using XCOPY which is supposed to be max speed. I'm also using mapped network drives which is supposed to help. I turned off all our Firewalls which was slowing things down, but it's still nutso slow. I also turned off various file info displays in Explorer and turned off the scheduled tasks discovery. Still slow.

This is stuff I've already done : Slow network browsing in Windows XP , Speed up Windows 2k/XP network , Hide the Scheduled Tasks and Printers folder in the network share view , InfoCellar XP Home Networking Problems

Part of the problem may be that the music folder has many thousands of files in it, and the MS network file system may have some kind of retarded N^2 thing. I am already hitting that fucking NTFS stupidity on the HTPC machine in which NTFS just fucks up completely on large directories (the directory B+ tree gets scattered around in fragments).

It's possible Windows network use is just retarded, like it sends 10X as much net traffic as the number of bytes you want to send.

BTW robocopy is pretty cool; I like the syntax of (from dir) (to dir) (file filter).

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